Picsou and Jasmine. Our very fussy cats


So I have written a few posts about feeding my fussy and sometimes homesick husband but he is not the only fussy eater in our house.

Anyone who has owned a Siamese cat will know just how fussy and vocal this breed can be. In fact as I write this Jasmine is screaming for attention!

Picsou and Jasmine first taught us this lesson at 1 years old by going on hunger strike and eventually and to my dismay became anorexic! We tried every type of wet and dry cat food available to get them to eat.

After chatting with the owner of our local Cattery we took his advice and cooked them fresh chicken.. They loved it! We began experimenting. Now at two years old our cats do eat dry food supplemented with fresh chicken breast, fresh sardines and canned tuna. Other cat owners I know are amazed that our cats are so well fed and spoilt but actually I am happier knowing exactly what they are eating and if I were them I would also turn my nose up at wet cat food.


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