My new blog

Cooking is my hobbie and thanks to my wonderful new husband I have enjoyed three years of experimental cooking. I grew up in the west country where sausages, pork and cider are mainstream. For my Algerian husband, pork and cider is forbidden. This blog is my exploration of food away from meat and two veg. Fusing English with North African cuisine and introducing more fish and vegetarian dishes as halal meat is less accessible.

4 thoughts on “My new blog

    • As halal meat is available and the choice is there. It is only right to choose halal. It just means I don’t include it in my general supermarket shop and we go out of our way to buy from a butchers we trust. Even organic halal can be found but unfortunately we are yet to find duck. But if we have a choice between halal meat and un halal duck it would be the halal meat. I do appreciate your post and thank you for your information!

  1. Hi, ma sha Allah Im glad to have stumbeld over your great blog.
    I googled 4 friksoup and here I AM :).
    My husbund is Algerian 2 (fr.o.m. Jijel). We live in Sweden.

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